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Saying Good Bye to Winter


Artist – Junko Kitano

I said good bye to winter. I stood in the forest, the snow falling like ice all around me. I could hear it like music on the trees, against the earth. I stood unmoving, just looking around, caught by the pristine wonder of newly fallen snow.

Only a few hours earlier the ground had been bare, the air almost warm. And now winter was back in full force, to remind me of its strength and beauty, even as my spirit longed for spring.

Looking between the trees I imagined the presence of angels with snow white wings. Fairies, beings of purity and light, dancing with silent steps, twirling in the crystal rain.

Returning back inside, I watched the evening deepen from my window. And for a short while the world seemed cloaked in a shimmering blue. I felt love for winter, for the magic and silence it brings, and healing rest. I whispered a silent good bye, knowing this is the breaking point, the wheel turning, with warmer days ahead.

How do you feel now that the seasons are changing? Do you yearn for spring, or autumn?

My Short Story Is Now On Kindle

Little Flower Cover

My short story is available on kindle. I feel flutters in my stomach as I write this, feeling a little terrified to finally be sharing something so close to me.

Book Description

To you who are walking through a long winter. 

To you who have loved and lost. 

A little flower finds herself all alone one early spring. She shivers in the cold, and wonders if she is loved. Why did the sun leave? Where is the light? 

This is a short story about grief, about healing a broken heart, and learning to trust again.

From the Heart

This book came straight from the heart. Some of you might know that several years ago, I lost my parents and sister, and that I’m still on a journey to heal from that. 

I’m still walking this path laid before me. It’s only lately that I’ve had the strength to write, and it has brought me relief like nothing else. It has opened up a pathway to beauty, love, joy, and connection with the divine. 

 Little Drips

The Little Flower was a story that came to me in little drips. It was inspired by my walks in nature, and feeling that I too had seasons inside of me; a long winter now breaking into spring. 

There is also an old poem made into song, that I knew since I was a little girl, that always moved me deeply. It’s about a little flower growing in the shadows of the forest. It’s a song about hope, about faith, and that even though we may be small, we’re still very much loved and looked after. 

I hope you enjoy this little story. For now it’s only available on kindle, but I might make it available in printed form as well. If you like it, please share it with friends and family.

Love and light.