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The Silence of Winter

RomanceToday as I walked, I turned towards the forest, hidden in a cloud of white. I stepped among silent trees, the sun like gold behind them, the ground frozen beneath me.

On my way back I realized I had been thinking, not even seeing what was around me. I stopped and leaned into the stillness, even as I felt restless.

There is a silence that seems to be in the earth, in the trees, even in the sky. I sometimes hear cars in the distance, and other noises, and yet this silence persist,  -everything asleep.

I pondered upon the meaning of frost, of being frozen, when there is little life, nothing moving, nothing stirring, yet everything is filled with beauty.

When we’re frozen, there is silence, nothing seems to be happening, and yet we’re preparing for something new. Sometimes after going through pain, we need to rest, and then slowly, spring will come.


Spirit of Rose

1512629_514746288623785_1358495770_nThis morning I sang a mantra while focusing on my heart, and I felt I was breathing in the fragrance of rose, and that there was a rose within my heart, a place of light and beauty. I felt I was connected to the Goddess, and I wanted nothing more than to get closer, closer.

Each summer I make a jar of rose honey, from the wild roses growing by the ocean, where the sky is blue and the air salty, the wind dancing through the grass. I love that place. I love that there are no mountains to block my view, so that I can stare into the horizon, breathe deeply, feel windswept and free.

Now that winter is here I open my jar of rose honey and remember those days of summer. It’s such an amazing medicine for me. Spirit medicine, – for the closed heart, just daring to live again, to open again, to love again, and to be loved.

I feel I’m just beginning to understand the power of rose. I feel she is showing up in my life in so many ways, bringing healing and hope.

Do you feel drawn to roses? Which is your favorite healing flower?

Winter Solstice 2014


This Morning

The sun is up, though it still feels a bit dark, the sky heavy with clouds, mist floating across the treetops. I hear birds singing quietly, and somehow their voices seem even sweeter than the chorus of spring and summer. Winter is cold and dark, and the little light there is feels precious. There is a certain beauty to the sleeping world, and to going within, resting, reflecting on what is important, on what we’ve been through and what we dream will be.

The Winter Solstice

I celebrated The Winter Solstice in Greece, with friends. We met long before sunrise, having some way to go to reach the beach, and I felt a sacredness in the air, a need to be very quiet, to not disturb that special feeling that permeated everything. It felt as though the world was holding its breath, waiting for something very special and sacred; – the return of the light.

We reached the beach where we had made a circle of stones in the sand; – grey, brown and white. We put on our special robes, lit the incense and waited for the sun. We sang, our gaze on the horizon, yearning for the suns warmth in the cold of the morning.

It was very special for me, to see the that ball of fire rise out of the ocean. I live by mountains, and by the time I see the sun it is fully born, yellow and bright. But as it came out of the waters, I could look at it fully, admire its beauty as it slowly rose into the sky, growing more and more brilliant until I had to advert my gaze, and close my eyes.

We stayed on the beach for a long time, reflecting on things in our own way. I felt filled with those special energies of the Solstice, and with a touch of love, as though the divine was very close. It was a turning point for me, as the Solstices and Equinoxes always seem to be, a time of new lessons, new things to learn, and in all that beauty and joy, there were also painful feelings, wounds that needed to heal.


I feel very grateful to having been allowed to visit that special place, and to remember how much I love the sun, how bright and beautiful it is, and how it changes everything, the world without and within, how it brightens my mood and makes me want to sit outside for a long time, just watching the light on the trees, on the grass.

Sometimes I need to get away to be able to reflect and see things more clearly. Now that I’m back I want to do things a little differently for the new year. It’s good to be home, though some challenges were there waiting for me, as I knew they would be. But I feel more eager to tackle them now.

Sharing once more my favorite video on this subject, and my favorite book.  

This is a ceremony I took part in a few years ago.



And one more video, for the beauty of winter. Did you celebrate the Winter Solstice 2014? Do you think you will this year?