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Loving Essential Oils

"Artwork: © Kinuko. Y. Craft, All Rights Reserved www.kycraft.com "

“Artwork: © Kinuko. Y. Craft, All Rights Reserved http://www.kycraft.com

I pick up the small bottle of peppermint and breathe deeply. My lungs feel tingly and cool, my mind clear. I feel awake, energized. I slip the bottle into my pocket as I head out the door, keeping it close because I know I’ll need it.

I love sharing peppermint with my husband. I hold the bottle under his nose and tell him to take a deep breath. I giggle at his expression. He loves peppermint. It helps him through the long hours in front of the computer.

I also put a few drops into our water for a refreshing treat that helps the stomach.

Out home is filled with scents. I use frankincense as my new perfume. It is the most beautiful fragrance. It changes my inner state, inspires spiritual feelings. It reminds me of a king, of liquid gold, of ancient, golden sunlight.

I drop soothing blends into my diffuser and my home changes. It feels bright and beautiful. Even little messes stops bothering me so much.

Once I diffused wild orange while I was feeling particularly low and grumpy. Suddenly I realized that I felt better, that the dark cloud had lifted. I realized it was wild orange helping me. I love putting it on my hands and inhale deeply. Bright orange happiness!

I’ve been buying oils from doterra. The oils smell amazing, stronger and purer than other brand I’ve tried. I’m eager to dig deeper into the world of essential oils and the healing they can bring, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve been hearing amazing stories about people recovering from hurts and illnesses using these oils. I love the way they can totally shift the way I feel, and I’ve started experimenting with what they can do for our health.



She danced in the forest

800px-Miranda_-_The_Tempest_JWWShe danced in the forest as the sun glittered between the trees. Patches of snow mingled with green moss, the rushing stream in the distance. She felt timid at first, unsure how to move, wanting to be elegant, yet unable to let herself go. She was still a little stiff, but the yearning to dance, to express herself, her power, was burning inside of her.

Her eyes flickered nervously to the snowy path, worried someone would walk up on her, afraid to be seen. Silly, she had never seen a soul walk these woods as the same time as her.

She swayed, she moved beneath the treetops and a clear blue sky. The wind increased as she danced. The sun throwing specks of gold all around her.

There was no music of course, except for the stream, the wind. In a book she had once read about dancing to the tune of the world. It had touched something inside of her. She tried to sense it, feel the energies around her.

In her mind she dreamed of a long forest green dress, of a long forgotten past. She fell into a stance with her arms reaching towards the sky, her legs far apart, calling upon Father Sky and Mother Earth. Asking for strength and protection, feeling the glow of the witch inside her…

Wednesday Reflections

769px_Louis_Janmot___Po_me_de_l_me_13___Rayons_de_soleilIt feels like spring has crept inside of me. A sudden joy of life. For a moment it’s as though I can’t speak. I cough, my throat feels thick, the knot in my stomach swells. I begin to cry as I look at the window, seeing the sunlight breaking through the clouds. It hailed only a minute ago.




A glimpse of sunlight

dolce-far-niente-godward_thumbYesterday I felt lost. I didn’t know what I wanted from life. I didn’t know what to do next. I felt alone. I prayed a lot for help.

Today there’s a glimpse of green spring inside of me. Outside the sun is fighting its way through heavy clouds, sometimes lighting up the whole world of snow, birch and fir trees.

Living in Norway in winter teaches me to appreciate the sun, just like living in California made me love the rain. I had forgotten the way my spirit responds to sunlight. I feel happy, light, awake. I long for spring.



What is a Priestess?


The idea of being a priestess is something that has often inspired me on my spiritual journey.  It made me feel a sense of reverence in everything I did.

When trying to be aware during the day I would go about things as I imaged a priestess would. She would do things in awareness, no matter what it was, cooking, arranging flowers, talking to people, putting on her shoes. Most importantly, the Goddess would be at the center of her life. Everything she did would be an act of worship, even something as simple as brushing her teeth.

I’ve found that I’m the happiest when I’m near my divine mother, when I have faith, when I feel her love. And I’ve found that I can be close to her in everything I do, but that I have to work to get there. I have to put my divine mother first and try to understand what she wants for me, and try to do her will.

There must have been a time when priests and priestesses gathered at the temple in worship of the Goddess. Perhaps there were buildings of white stone by the water, or on a mountain, surrounded by trees. A place filled with the sounds of nature, of birds and little streams, and of singing, people singing their love for divinity.

I want to get closer to my divine mother, closer closer, always closer. It’s difficult, there are a lot of things inside of me that fights back, that want things to stay as they are, that doesn’t want to feel love, that likes misery. It’s so easy to throw good things away.

Lets gather in a circle, in our robes, around a sacred fire. Here we pledge to follow the goddess, let her into our hearts and to guard the love she gives us the best we can. We will practice to be present, to be near her and to see others in a clearer light. We will study our dreams and learn to walk the dream world. There are so many ways she can teach us, we need to be open to feel her guidance, in this world and in the one that is hidden (the dream world).


604162_493610794021461_1203230310_nWalking with the Goddess. The cold air, white ground, white all around me. The trees are heavy with snow, the sky a heavy grey, the wind steadily increasing.

I stop in one of my favorite spots, where the stream trickles through the silence all around me. It’s not very cold, and I feel pleasantly warm in my thick jacket, happy to be in nature again.

I feel like a priestess. I relax. My heart is open. Something inside of me shakes, perhaps from fear. It’s hard to stay present, to not tense up and hide again. I open myself to the Goddess, to her guidance. I ask her questions, little things that trouble me, wondering if it’s Ok for me to be at peace.

Something glitters inside of me. It feels like the touch of the Goddess. I look at the pristine snow and it reminds me of her.