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From Darkness to Light

About This Book

For the nature loving, Goddess-loving person, who has experienced loss.

This is a collection of blog posts, and journal entries I made over two years or so, as I walked the inner path of grief. It had been years since I lost my parents and sister, but it took time before I was strong enough to really face what had happened. I had been in shock for a long time. I sent a prayer to my heart, to the sky, asking to return to nature, to a similar place to where I grew up. By that time, I had lived in the city for several years.

Soon after I returned to Norway, to a small place by a lake, by mountains and forests. In this silence, I started to write, started to find back to myself, to what I was truly feeling.

I hope my journey will reflect something of what you’re going through, and be of some help to you. Wishing you healing and strength, on your own path.

A beautiful collection of moments in nature, and the healing touch of the Goddess.